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Welcome To Cambridge Radiology FRCR Course

This is a comprehensive and intensive training course for Specialist Registrars in Radiology preparing for the FRCR 2B Final Examination.

The main components of the course include:

RS (Reporting Session). We started showing the long cases (RS) on OsiriX database in 2010 following format used by the Royal College of Radiologist on the real exams.  Each session involves viewing 6 (six) cases in 60 minutes.

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Dates for courses in 2017

Spring course: 18-19th March

Autumn course: 2nd-3rd September

RRS (Rapid Reporting Session) in electronic format. This session gives the candidate the opportunity to practice quick reviewing radiological images in electronic format of 30 questions in 35 minutes. Additional cases will be added as an extra exercises.

We show both RRS and RS on Apple iMac computers with a minimum screen size of 21.5". A short tutorial will be given on how to use the OsiriX before it starts.

Viva session (60 minutes). One examiner will be dedicated to a pair of candidates.

At the end of a 2 day course all candidates will have a total of 3 ‘standard’ RRS, 3 ‘shorter’ RRS, 3 long cases (RS), and 6 viva sessions. RRS answers will be reviewed at the end of the day and the RS review and the viva feedback will be given on day two of the course. All viva sessions will be marked at the end of the course.

Numbers are limited up to 28 candidates. Please make your booking as early as possible as this course is increasingly popular.

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